Sunday, December 16, 2012

Acceleration by Graham McNamee

    Acceleration, by Graham McNamee, is about a teenager named Duncan who lives in Toronto. It is in the middle of a terrible heat wave. Duncan is kind of a schmooze and his summer consists of hanging out with his friends Wayne and Vinny and working underground in the subway's Lost and Found with Jacob, a crabby old man who rarely speaks.
     Duncan's boring summer takes a turn when he finds a small leather notebook that someone turned in to the Lost and Found. Scribbled inside the book are notes, plans, and newspaper clippings. Notes about  how fast it takes mice to drown in different liquids, plans for killing, and articles about animal abuse and arson cut out from the local newspaper.  What should Duncan do about this sick scrapbook?
   Acceleration is an exciting mystery/suspense novel that is hard to put down. I would rate it five out of five stars, and recommend it to anyone twelve years and older. Thanks for reading!


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