Monday, March 25, 2013

Ten By Gretchen McNeil

     Wow.  I just finished Ten by Gretchen McNeil, and I am literally shaking from how amazing, exciting, and terrifying it was.  It's one of those books that you just can't stop reading!
     Basically, ten teenagers (Meg, Minnie, T.J., Gunner, Kumiko, Lori, Vivian, Ben, Nathan, and Kenny) are invited to an exclusive party at a popular girl's house over President's Day weekend.  She lives on an isolated island in a beautiful house made of white stone.  The kids find a DVD labeled Do Not Watch, so naturally, they watch it.  It is full of sinister messages, promising death and revenge.  Then the deaths start happening, one by one.  Any one of the party guests could be the killer, or maybe even someone lurking outside.  The deaths are all linked to a mysterious girl's notebook.  And just when you know you know who the killer is, and you are freaking out because you can't believe it was him or her, well, another surprise comes along and takes your breath away.  Let me just say that the end is definitely unexpected.  I would recommend Ten to anyone who likes a scary (and usually I'm not a fan of scary novels, but this one is different!), well-written, super exciting book to read.  I would say you should probably be at least thirteen because there are lots and lots of creepy murders and scary situations.  My rating is five out of five stars for sure!  
     The next books on my to-read list are The One And Only Ivan, My Sister's Keeper, and Paper Towns.  Comment below and tell me if they're any good!  And I just finished Flowers For Algernon, which is a very unique and interesting book!  Thanks for reading, guys! :)

                                                           ✕    Rosalind    ✕  

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