Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Boy On Cinnamon Street

           The Boy On Cinnamon Street by Pheobe Stone is written in a very poetic way.  The book starts with seventh grader Louise Terrace, or Thumbelina, as she renames herself.  She absolutely hates the fact that she looks like a fourth grader, because everyone is always assuming that she goes to elementary school and boys are always looking over her head.  The reader then learns out that she used to be great at gymnastics, but quit suddenly for some reason, which we later find out.  Thumbelina also lives with her hopelessly in love grandma and grandpa in a condo, and her best friends are tall,  Justin Beiber-loving Reni and geeky-in-his-own-way Henderson, who are brother and sister.   There are some foggy, mysterious secrets in Thumbelina's life, which are revealed throughout this interesting book.  Then, love factors in to the equation when Thumbelina gets mysterious love notes from someone who she thinks is the boy who delivers her pizza.  She starts sending him notes back, but I get the feeling that she is more in love with the idea of a crush than the boy himself.  At the very end of the book, we find out who the note-sender really is, and even though Thumbelina was clueless the whole time, I totally predicted this ending from the start.  The Boy On Cinnamon Street is a good read if you like mysterious books about crushes written in an almost poetic style (Another book like this is Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli).  It was worth reading, and it made me think.  All things considered, I would rate this three and a half out of five stars.  Have a good spring break, and don't forget to keep reading!



  1. That sounds pretty good! I need to make a list of all those books that I want to read but never have time for... until I forget what they're called... Did you get it at the library?

  2. that book is really good! i have read it so many times, and i still want to read it again!!!!

  3. Annabeth, no I didn't get it at the library. My mom got it for me for my birthday, but u can borrow it from me if you want.

  4. Cool! Yeah, I have like no books at all at the moment... Do you think you could bring it to school sometime?