Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rules for Secret Keeping by Lauren Barnholdt

Rules for secret keeping is a story about a teen girls drama filled middle school life! Samantha has barley started her middle school life and the You Girl magazine has named her one of the finalists for their Young Entrepreneur of the year award. Samantha has a business of passing secrets. you just put a piece of paper in Samantha's locker with 1 dollar and she will pass it to the person of your choice.   But this starts to get overwhelming when Emma, Samantha's half friend starts passing secrets to Samantha's crush... Jake.

The difficulty doesn't end there. Another girl, Olivia, starts her own secret passing business, but hers, is online. As the days go on, Samantha starts to get less and less secrets until they stop coming. Samantha gets angry at Olivia for ruining her business, Emma for stealing her crush, her family is falling apart and the New Girl magazine crew is going to shadow Samantha for a day to watch Samantha's business.

 Will Samantha be able to figure it all out?     
          Read the book to find out!!!

-Luna Lovegood


  1. Sounds cool! Love the pics, especially the devil one! Nice review.

  2. Rosalind (from The Penderwicks)September 19, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    Yeah gr8 pics grl! I read that book it was pretty good. :)