Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here's to You, Rachel Robinson

This book is pretty good. It's the sequel to Just as Long as We're Together, which I read a while ago, which is also good, and I suggest you read that first. As you can see, the author is Judy Blume. Both of these books are about a girl who, (obviously),  is named Rachel Robinson. She is super tall, super smart, and an overachiever. She has a friend named Stephanie, and in Just as Long as We're Together, meets a friend named Alison. But I'm talking about Here's to You, Rachel Robinson, so back to the point. Rachel has an older sister named Jessica, and an older brother named Charles. He gets in a lot of trouble, and was expelled from his boarding school. So he came back home, where he got all the attention, especially negative. Charles also gets on Rachel's nerves by calling her "Child Prodigy" and "Baby Sister". A bunch of stuff happens and it's a good book to read. I would recommend it to anyone... 12 or older. Out of 5 I rate it a 4.3.


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