Monday, May 14, 2012

The Secret Identity Of Devon Delaney

       I would say that instead of reading  The Secret Identity Of Devon Delaney, by Lauren Barnholdt, you should pick up a copy of it, and scan the back cover. It's not like you'd get any more out of reading the actual pages.  Basically, a 13-year-old girl named Devon goes to her grandma's house for the summer and meets a girl named Lexi, and they become really good summer friends.  Devon tells Lexi that back home, she is super popular and dating this hot, popular guy named Jared, who Devon has actually crushed on forever.  Lexi believes her because, why shouldn't she?
         But then -surprise surprise- Lexi moves to Devon's town and they suddenly are in the same school.  For some dumb reason, Devon goes along with her popular-girl lie and pretends that Jared is her boyfriend, even though Jared barely even knows her name. Basically, that's what happens throughout the whole entire book, and Devon's friend Melissa starts feeling really left out because Lexi's now in the picture.  To add to the drama, Devon realizes that she is falling for a boy, and he isn't Jared.
            My favorite character in this book is Katie, Devon's wacky five-year-old sister, who wants to be in the Olympics when she grows up.  It's kind of weird though, because Katie talks like she's about thirteen at least, and I think the author might have forgotten what a five-year-old has for vocabulary. Or maybe she's doing it on purpose.  Anyway, it's kind of cute, and Katie's an interesting character.
      Even though this book is predictable from start to finish, with no new concepts, if you're feeling kind of brain-dead at the moment and want an entertaining book, disregard the first two sentences of this post, and try it out.  I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars, and if you'll excuse me, I'm off to devour my new issue of Girls' Life!

                                                                ♻ Rosalind ♻


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