Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


 This book is really good. If you haven't read it already, then you should. There are 4 main characters, who are all girls almost 16. They are Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen. Lena is the pretty one, Tibby is the "regularish" one with the nose ring, Bridget is the amazing soccer star, and Carmen is the half Puerto Rican one. They have known each other since before they were born. Their moms took an aerobics class together, and they were all born either 19 or 17 days apart. I can't remember. I'm sorry.

They usually spend all of their summers all together, but that summer they were all in different places. Tibby is the only one staying home, which she does not like. She gets grumpy the day before people start leaving, and for some reason asks for a pair of pants that Carmen got at a second-hand store. Carmen had never even bothered to try them on, so (of course) she was not attached to them. Then everyone tries them on and the pants miraculously fit them all! They then call them the Pants and have 10 rules that you have to follow. One of my favorites is #5 - You must not pick your nose while wearing the Pants. You may, however, scratch casually at your nostril while really kind of picking. They each have 2 turns in the summer to have them wherever they are.

Bridget, also known as Bee, etc. is my favorite of the four girls. Her mom died, and she has a twin brother, who you don't hear much of. She goes to an extreme all-girls soccer camp in Baja California for the whole summer. She has bright blond hair, and is probably the best soccer player in all of her camp, even though she is one of the youngest girls there. Then there is a coach at the camp who apparently is very attractive. Bridget flirts with him a bunch, even though there is a "no flirting" rule at camp and he is 21. She's not even 15! WTF!? He tries not to flirt back but it's kind of hard for him, especially when he's half asleep or has had several alcoholic drinks.

Carmen is half Puerto Rican. Her parents are split, and she lives with her mom. She doesn't know much about her dad's personal life, and when she goes to visit him in South Carolina to spend the summer doing fun things with him, she has an unpleasant surprise. Then she gets grumpy and everything is very dramatic.

Lena is part Greek. She has a younger sister who is 14, named Effie (I know, like Effie Trinket), and they go to visit their grandparents in Greece for the summer. Her grandma tries to set her up with a guy named Kostos, who Lena just thinks is kind of... whatever. But then she goes skinny dipping and overreacts when something happens that I don't want to give away. Except I probably did give it away.

Tibby has to stay at home all summer, while her friends go to amazing places without her. She has a part-time job at a drugstore and is really bored. Then a girl who looks about 10 falls into a deodorant display and then they get to know each other well. The girl is 12 and her name is Bailey. She has leukemia (cancer of the blood) and kind of worships Tibby for some reason. Then they make a documentary together and not much happens except then something happens of course you know what it is.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It's really good and I would recommend it to all girls 11-...I dunno, 16 or 17 years old? Also there are several more books and I can't wait to read them. And there's a movie that I can't wait to watch. K that's all.


  1. My dad knows the author!!!! Plus Im a really big fan of all FOUR(!) books and the 2(!) movies they have made!!!!!!!

  2. That comment was by katniss

  3. Nice review! It sounded great! So, now you've done 2 reviews! Congrats Katniss. I think I might read that book again.

  4. That was me Annabeth I forgot to label it... I can't believe I did that...