Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

     Liar & Spy, by Rebecca Stead, is about a boy named Georges (pronounced George). He moves to an apartment with his dad and his mom (who isn't around much because she works lots of hours as a nurse) and meets a strange boy named Safer and his little sister Candy.
Georges gets bullied in school by some mean boys who call him Gorgeous.
Then Safer makes Georges his apprentice, and they have a mission to spy on Mr. X, a man whom Safer tells Georges he suspects of being a murderer. The missions get scarier, and Georges starts to wonder what he would do for his only friend.
At the end of the book, a few surprising things are revealed. It's hard to write anything more without giving something away, so let me just say that Liar & Spy is very different, unpredictable, and totally worth reading. I rate it five out of five stars in its own unique way.



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