Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marked by Kim Richardson

Marked is an action packed, page turner. The story follows a girl named Kara, age 16. After getting flattened by a bus on her way to a meeting with one chance to get a scholarship, she becomes a guardian angel. GA's (guardian angels) protect mortals' souls from being eaten by demons. GA's are NOT alive. They do not have a beating heart. They stay connected to the Horizon by mortal souls living. This book was added to my top 10 list yet it does depend on the reader. I recommend this book and rate it five out of five stars. Read the book to find out about Kara and her adventures! ENJOY!



  1. Hey that's me! :)

    1. i just figured it out :) THATS ME!!!

  2. Woah looks good But btw that text color's kinda hard 2 read.

  3. I read it and I thought that it was poorly written.