Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Review

      Yo people! I am here to blog not about a book, but a way to read books (Or rather, e-books). Drumroll please... the Amazon Kindle Keyboard, also known as the Kindle 3. There are lots of different versions of the Amazon Kindle, including the iPad-like Kindle Fire ($199), the Kindle Touch ($99), and the basic Kindle ($79), but this is the one I have.  It cost me $140 because I bought the version with no ads that pop up on the home screen. I'm really satisfied with it so far, and I've had it about four months.  A little while after I got it, I got a red leather case with a light attached. I think it's really cool because when my Kindle is hooked up to its case, the light, which is powered by my Kindle's rechargeable battery, turns on.  It's a really good design.

Pros and Cool Features of the Kindle Keyboard:  Lighter than a paperback book, web browser, at least a month-long battery life, great e-ink display (It doesn't hurt my eyes after a while like a computer screen does), classics are free, simple and easy e-book buying (They're delivered wirelessly), you can get great word and puzzle games from the Kindle Store, you can write notes and highlights in the e-book you're reading, you can change the font size, e-books are cheaper than print books, you can get free samples of e-books, and you can borrow e-books for free from your library's website.

Cons: There aren't many, but sometimes it's nice to be able to glance at the cover of the book you're reading, and feel its solid weight in your hands.  I also really like looking at my bookshelf full of real books and picking one out.  I'm definitely not going to give that up completely.

     Like I said, I don't want my Kindle to ever replace real books, but I do love keeping all my e-books in one place, and I read most of my books on it now.  I, personally, didn't get a touch-screen Kindle because I like the nice button-controlled feel.  So, if you're looking in to getting an e-reader, I'd say the Kindle Keyboard is a good option!  But if you don't want to spend all that moolah, you can get the free kindle app for  PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android phone. Happy e-reading everyone! :)



  1. yeah ive looked into kindles but i don't think i ever really would get one. Ive gotten so used to flipping the page and folding over the corner of the page. im glad you are happy with your purchase though!

  2. Yeah, I love how the text looks like a real book. The Kindle is really convenient when you are traveling and you don't want to haul all of your books that you need.

  3. That sounds cool, but I think I'll stick with the page flipping.