Saturday, March 24, 2012


OK so who has seen the Hunger Games movie? I'm sorry that this is like, my 4th post about The Hunger Games, but... well, I'm sorry. So I saw it last night and it was awesome! Um if you don't want to hear anything at all about anything than don't look but so at Rue's death it was SO SAD! I was crying. :(. And it was SO scary in the endish part when the first dog jumped out!!!!! Wasn't it????? Soooo anyways are you on Team Peeta or Team Gale? 



Haha I like this...


  1. OMG I almost jumped out my seat when that dog appeared. Scared me witless. Was such a good film though!

  2. So which are you? Team Gale or team Peeta?

  3. I'm not sure what team I'm on. I definitely like the actor for Gale better than the actor for Peeta. I was crying when Rue died too. Right before the dog jped out my mom was like "I bet something's gonna jump
    out!" and it was like Bam! It scared me so bad. I like the funny comic thing.

  4. Well, I'm not totally sure which team I'm on. I think I'm on Team Haymitch. Hehe. No that was a bad joke um I think I'm on Team Peeta because he's more likeable than Gale. Even though Gale DOES have game... I like cake more than dead squirrels.

  5. the first time i watched the movie i jumped so bad when the mutt jumped out, my friend that i was watching it with started practically laughing!!!! the second time i watched it with somebody who hadn't read the books, and she didn't even jump much when the dog/mutt thing jumped out but when the dog almost bit peeta at the cornacopia, this person squealed! it was so funny. i am on team Peeta,and on team gale, i like both of the actors, especially liam hensworth, and i like the way that both of them played the characters. i felt so bad for gale when they showed his reaction when peeta and katniss kissed!


  6. The team Peta/Gale thig dosn't really work Peta is basically way more a main character than gale.