Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even More Awesomeness

OK, so you MUST be sick of me posting about The Hunger Games, but this is SO COOL. It's 'Find your Hunger Games Name'. And no, it's not a survey and whichever character you are most like, you are. It's much cooler than that. You have got to see it:

I am Ravmet K. Sprintpine.
My mom is Veyless W. Leapfern.

So here's another thing. 'What District are you from?'Coolio.

I'm from District 11. Yay Rue!
My mom is supposed to go live in a box. I got that the first time, but decided I needed to have some District to live in, even if I was gonna be a stuck up brat from District 1. Well, maybe...

And... here's the last thing for now, it's kind of boring, but as they always say, "keep the worst for last!"


I did my brother's name for him and he is Danpetra T. Clompspinach. HAHA! Also, he lives in a box, I think. Hehehehehehe.

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  1. That is so awesome! I'm Damsmet W. Chompcactus from District 7, the logging district. You can call me Ms. Chompcactus. :)