Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gimme A Call Review

So I was reading Seventeen magazine, and I saw an interview with the author of this book.  I thought it looked really cool, so I bought it for my Kindle, and you know the rest. Here is a summary of this interesting time travel-ish book.
   Gimme A Call, by Sarah Mylnowski, takes place in two different times, which are three and a half years apart.  It all starts when Devorah (Devi) Banks, who is a senior in high school, goes to the mall to return a gift she got for her boyfriend, Bryan, who just broke up with her. He was a great boyfriend, maybe too great, since she spent all of her time with him. Devi even lost all of her nice friends.
  Anyway, while Devi is at the mall crying and returning the present, her cell phone slips out of her hand and lands in the fountain.  She goes in to retrieve it, hoping with all her might that it still works, and finds out it's completely broken. Except for one little thing.  Devi can now call herself in the past, as a freshman, before she even met Bryan.
    After convincing freshman Devi (later nicknamed Frosh to avoid confusion) that she's not a crazy stalker, senior Devi (Nicknamed Ivy) tells Frosh all about everything that's gone wrong in her life, and in the world in the past three and a half years.
    So Frosh is working her butt off trying to get into a good college and win the lottery, Ivy keeps calling her to convince Frosh not to go out with Bryan, and to tell her every single thing to do in her life.  Frosh is skeptical of Ivy's plan's, but she thinks that it's best to listen to her future self.  What will happen in the end?  Will every aspect of Devi's life change, or will everything go back to normal? (Or none of the above?) Read this cool book to find out!
    I love all of the things that happen in this book and I think it's a really interesting plot idea, but sometimes I think Ivy is getting really selfish and bossy, and it makes me really annoyed at her character.
But all in all, this fun read is still worth a five-star rating.  Check it out!

                                                        :) Rosalind


  1. That sounds really good... I want to read it! Where did you get it from?


  2. I bought it on Amazon for my Kindle :)