Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joey Pigza Loses Control

This book is a sequel to Joey Pigza Swallows a Key, which some people might have read. Joey is a hyper active kid who now wheres a patch to give him his medication.In this book, Joey goes to stay with his dad for the summer and he brings along his dog Pablo. carter, Joeys dad, and his mom divorced when Joey was young. His mom had told him that his dad was like himself except even more wired. When Joey stays at his dads house, he plays on his dads baseball team as a superb pitcher. One evening, his dad decides to take joey off his meds. He throws all of the patches into the toilet and tells Joey to grow up and be a man.Joey is worried that his old hyperactive self will come back to haunt him. As the days progress without medicine, will Joey become his old self? And does he really want to live with his still drinking dad? You can find all the answers in the book! I rate this book 5 stars because it kept me wanting to read it.


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