Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Hunger Games Awesomeness

OK so this is a whole bunch of Hunger Games awesomeness. I absolutely cannot wait until the movie comes out on March 23rd!

This is the trailer. If you haven't read the book and you want too, then you might not 
want to watch it, but otherwise, go ahead. It's good.
Personally, I think this is kind of cool. It's a Hunger Games Nail Polish collection! If I got one of them it would probably be Fire in Flight, the orangey-red one.
"The Hunger Games Movie Poster" 

These are posters. I have the one on the left in my room, and I'm pretty sure Luna has the one on the right in hers.
This is the cast of children in the Games. It doesn't include characters such as Prim or Gale in this one, but that's just too bad. They name the people that actually have important roles, but otherwise it's just 'Tribute Boy' or 'Tribute Girl'.

Lamb Stew From the Capitol

Prim's Basil Wrapped Goat Cheese
Groosling (fancier than they eat in the arena, of course)

These are a couple of foods from the book. There are a lot of recipes and pictures everywhere on the Internet.
Is there any other Hunger Games awesomeness that I didn't know about? Please tell me! 


  1. There's only one thing I can say. I can't wait!!!!! I've read the first two books, so I'm all set! It's supposed to be the whole first book and part of the second. I'm almost done with the third book!!!!!! I love the hunger games series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i have a book that is the tribute guide and it has stuff like the pictures of the tributes and cinna and president snow and also it tells what each of the districts are for it is amazing!!!!!!

  3. I think the lamb stew and goat cheese look great. Let's have a Hunger Games feast!

  4. The nail polishes are awesome-the colors are perfect! I love all of the "Hunger Games Awesomeness!"