Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here's a new book that you might not have heard of. I finished it today. It's called Hummingbird. It was pretty good, but not phenomenal. Hummingbird takes place in a town in Georgia called Jubilee. It's about a girl named March Anne Tanner, and she lives on a watermelon farm with her grandma, her dad, and her brother. Her mom died when she was little, so her Grandma(who she calls Grenna) is like her mother. Unfortunately, Grenna is old, so there is a bunch of stuff about her 'going wonky in the head'. Also, there's a really cool word that they mention. It's hemidemisemiquaver. I'm pretty sure it's like a 64th note or something. Pretty cool, eh? I bet a bunch of people have heard of it and it's not that interesting... well, too bad. Anyways, yeah, it's pretty good, but it's kinda slowish in some places. I recommend it to someone who likes realistic fiction and doesn't have a really good book that they are about to read.

I rate this book... 3 1/2 stars. I don't know if that's allowed or anything...


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  1. i havent heard of hemidemisemiquaver either