Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boy 21

Finley's life revolves around basketball.Every pre-season, he and his basketball player girlfriend Erin practice their butts off. Shooting drills, passing drills, a five mile jog around town, dribbling the basketball whichever way you can possibly dribble it, and the practice ends with weightlifting. And every season, the  high school senior couple break up, because Finley can't focus on Erin and basketball at the same time. Why is Finley so obsessed with basketball you might ask,and the answer is this. Finley's dad grew up in the same drug dealing Irish mob ruled town that he lives in now, Finley's mom died when he was a toddler, and his grandfather, or "Pop" now has stumps for legs because he tried to sneak back to Ireland from America. One day Russ  Allen comes to town and Finley's coach brings him to meet Russ. Coach says that Russ is an incredible b-ball point guard, like national high school standards, but that Russ's parents, Coaches good friends were murdered, and that event shook Russ mentally. In the car ride over Coach explains that Russ came from California and might come and play for Finley's team. Finley's is anxious because point guard is his position and the way that Coach is talking about him Finley thinks that he might lose his starting position. But it turns out that Russ is now acting like he is from outer space, and calls Finley an "Earthling". He also tells Finley he wants to be called Boy21. When the season begins, Russ obviously isn't trying so Finley gets the starting position. During the rivalry game against Pennsville, Pensville uses a special defensive formation that means that Finley will be open to shoot. Finley's team, Bellmont, plans to give Finley the ball and he will shoot, so once Pennsville realizes they need to mark Finley, Terrell, Bellmont's best shooter, wouldn't be double teamed. But Finley can't sink a shot. At halftime, Coach takes Finley out and puts Russ in. Right before they go on the court, Russ asks Finley if he can use his extraterrestrial powers to win the game. Finley says yes, and Russ shows what he can really do, sinking half court shots and making perect passes. After that Russ gets the starting position. Soon after, Erin is hit by a car and recieves many severe injuries.Will Erins injurie change the way that Finley feels about the game, and will it change anything else as well? Read the book to find out.
I rate this book five stars.Definately. It kept me wanting to read it and had the perfect amount of sadness and drama. The author Matthew Quick did an outstanding job on this book, and I definatley think there should be a sequel.This is a must read teen book.


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  1. Wow! That sounds kind of sad but really interesting!